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Default Gotube issues. Please help!

I have the latest firmware on a PSP fat. I am trying to get Gotube to work and am running into problems. When I try to update using the internet radio function if I use gotube 1.0 it says that there is a java error and I cant select anything to download. In 1.1 it doesnt do this however the screen shows only youtube (3) but cant be selected or downloaded. Additionaly when I try to exit the radioplayer update it freezes my psp. If I try to open an url or search in gotube nothing happens. What is wrong? Currently I have an empty VIDEO folder in the root of my mem stick, then in psp/radioplayer I have gotube.prs and in psp/game I have the entire gotube folder (uncategorized). I have tried multiple downloads and files yet it never works...Can anyone help??!

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